Post Doc. Fellows

Jyoti Sahu (May, 2019 - June, 2020)
Assistant Professor, NIT Trichy

Research Topic: Interfacial the behavior of the oil-water-electrolyte system on substrates in the presence of surfactants and nanoparticles

Praveen Sappidi (Aug, 2017 - Oct, 2019)
Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur

Research Topic: Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Arun K. Singh (Aug, 2016 - Aug, 2019)
Assistant Professor,

Research Topic: Oil water seperation and Interfacial Science

Rima Biswas (Dec, 2018 - Oct, 2019)
Postdoctoral scholar, National Taiwan University

Research Topic: Carbon Dioxide Absorption by using Ionic Liquid

Preeti (Sep, 2017 - Mar, 2019)
Assistant Professor,

Research Topic: Adsorption and desorption behavior of nanoparticles on polymeric surface

Shruti Mishra (Dec, 2017 - Oct, 2019)
Scientist, NDDB Gujrat

Research Topic: Nano-composites for water remediation

Vivek Singh (Aug, 2017 - Oct, 2019)
Postdoctoral scholar,

Research Topic: Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Showkat Hassan (Jan, 2018 - None)
Senior Project Scientist, IIT Kanpur

Research Topic: Thermo-electric properties of layered materials

Arpita Srivastava (2020 - None)
Senior Project Scientist,

Research Topic: Self-aggregation behavior of tri-block copolymers

PhD Scholars

Amrita Goswami (2016 - 2021)
Post Doc., University of Iceland

Research Topic: Ice Nucleation

Manish Maurya (2013 - 2019)
Scientist, IMS Japan

Research Topic: CO2 adsorption study.

Debdip Bhandary (2010 - 2016)
Assistant Professor, IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Research Topic: Nanoparticle induced supression of dewetting

Atanu K. Metya (2010 - 2012)
Assistant Professor, IIT Patna

Research Topic: Study of ice nucleation in presence of foreign substances

Parul Katiyar (2013 - 2018)
Assistant Professor, MNNIT Allahbad

Research Topic: Behavior of Nanopartiecles at interfaces: Structure Dynamics and Thermodynamics

Anitha Kommu (2011 - 2017)  

Post Doc., University of Wyoming

Research Topic: Removal of Heavy Metal ions and Organic Pollutants from Industrial Wastewater using Nanomaterials

Sadanandam Namsani (2011 - 2017)
Senior Scientist, Prescience Insilico Pvt. Ltd.

Research Topic: Force field development and prediction of thermal conductivity of nanocomposites

Chandan Kumar Das (2008 - 2014)  

Assistant Professor, NIT Rourkela

Research Topic: Study of the Effects of Confinement on Melting Transition of Lennard-Jones and Dipolar Fluids

Tarak Kumar Patra (2008 - 2014)  

Assistant Professor, IIT Madras

Research Topic: Coarse-grained molecular simulations of polymers and nanocomposites: Structure, dynamics and phase behavior

Sandip Khan (2006 - 2012)  

Assistant Professor, IIT Patna

Research Topic: On The Phase Transitions of Hydrogen Bonded Fluids on Chemically and Physically Modified Surfaces

Prathima Gajbhiye (2005 - 2011)  

Assistant Professor, ISM Dhanbad

Research Topic: Synthesis of Benzimidazole group modified grafted PVA based Membranes for Applications in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Sudhir Kumar Singh (2004 - 2012)  

Assistant Professor, Thapar University

Research Topic: Phase Equilibria and Interfacial Properties of Confined fluids

Ashish Bhateja (2008 - 2014)  

Assistant Professor, IIT Goa

Research Topic: Segregation of granular material: Theory, Experiments and Simulations

Prasad Sonar (2013 - 2019)  

None, None

Research Topic: Granular flows over rigid inclined bases that are either spring supported or externally vibrated

M. Tech. Scholars

Prantar Dutta (2018 - 2020)
M.Tech., IIT Kanpur

Research Topic:

Ashar Ahmad (2019 - 2020)
B.Tech-M.Tech. Dual Degree, IIT Kanpur

Research Topic: Soil Testing Device, CO2 adsorption on MOFs

Tek Chand (2018 - 2019)
Software Development Engineer, ZeMoSo Technologies

Research Topic: Development of portable device for simultaneous determination of soil nutreints

Prerna (2017 - 2019)
PG Engg. Trainee, Sterlite Technologies

Research Topic: Ice nucleation and water dynamics study

Ankit Srivastava (2017 - 2018)  

GET, NFL(National Feertilizer Limited)

Research Topic: Development of sol-gel membrane for sensing nitrate ions

Sauradeep Majumdar (2016 - 2018)  

PhD scholar, EPFI

Research Topic: Adsorptive separation of CO2 from multicomponent gas mixtures in nanoporous materials

Chandra Shekar Sahu (2016 - 2018)  


Research Topic: Development of Handheld Device for Measurement of Micro and Macro Nutrients Concentration in Soil

Ketan Kumar (2015 - 2017)  

MBA, IIM Kolkata

Research Topic: Simple and green fabrication of recyclable highly hydrophobic/superoleophilic magnetic sorbents and filter paper for removal of oils and organic solvents from water

Sandeep Charan (2014 - 2016)  


Research Topic: A Molecular Simulation Study of CO2 Adsorption using Functionalized and Non – functionalized CNTs

Naveen Rangera (2014 - 2016)  


Research Topic: Effect of Different Surfactants on the Interfacial Behavior of n-Hexane-Water System in Presence of Silica, Titania and ZnO Nanoparticles

Nisha Masawan (2013 - 2015)  


Research Topic: Adsorption of silica nanoparticles on cellulose surface

Akshay Bansal (2013 - 2015)  


Research Topic: A Density Functional Study of Inhomogeneous Fluids

Aman Sharma (2012 - 2014)  


Research Topic: Molecular Simulations of Shale Gas Adsorption and Diffusion in Inorganic Nanopores.

Pooja Sahu (2011 - 2013)  

Scientist, BARC

Research Topic: Design, screening of ligands and fixing on a solid matrix to be used for isotope separation in chromatographic mode using advanced computation and experimental validation

Utsav Kumar (2011 - 2013)  


Research Topic: Predicting Health of Lithium-ion Battery Using Multiscale Modeling

Haritha Banothu (2011 - 2013)  

Assistant Professor, RGUKT Basar

Research Topic:  Screening solvents for the removal of alkali metal ions from aqueous-organic system using molecular simulation

Rakesh Kandiboina (2009 - 2013)  


Research Topic: Structural and Transport properties of imidazolium based ionic liuids as electrolytes in Li-ion battries

Abhiram Hens (2008 - 2010)  

Assistant Professor, NIT Durgapur

Research Topic: Vapor - liquid phase transition of sodium and 2D polymeric fluids

Ravi Chandra Dutta (2008 - 2010)  

PhD, Univ. of Queensland

Research Topic: Wetting Properties of Water on Smooth and Textured Surfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Study

Vishwa PS Marthi (2008 - 2010)  


Research Topic: Vapor-liquid phase transition of associating fluids under slit-pore confinement

Naresh DJ (2007 - 2009)  


Research Topic: Virial Equation of States of simple, associating and Colloidal fluids: A Monte Carlo study

Subimal Jana (2008 - 2009)  


Research Topic: Phase behavior of square-well fluids in slit pores

Rohan Awasthi (2006 - 2008)  


Research Topic: Simulation of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)

Naresh A Kumar (2006 - 2008)  


Research Topic: Well fluids and one-site associating fluids in repulsive porous media

Suraj K (2019 - None)
M.S., IIT Kanpur

Research Topic: Study of Salt-Water system under confinement

Soumyadeb Ghosh (2019 - None)
M.Tech., IIT Kanpur

Research Topic: Surfactactant contribution to reduction of interfacial tension Structure of micelles formed